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Uncover the fascinating story of your family's past


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Looking for a birth certificate?

Or maybe you want to quickly research an ancestor then this is a great option.

Family Tree Research

Here we research your family history and trace back your heritage as far back as we can...

2nd Nationality

Want to apply for a 2nd nationality but not sure where to start?

Then this is option is your solution to obtaining that 2nd nationality.

Free 30 mins call & search!

4 Simple Steps to Discover Your
Family's Past

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Step 1

You send all the information you have regarding your family...

More about me...

World Map - countriese selected where Leanne Wilken has completed genealogicial research

Have you ever wondered who your ancestors were, or if that story your grandmother told you is really true?

Then you are in the right place!

I am Leanné, an experienced genealogist with over 10 years of research experience and have completed studies in over 15 countries.

I can help fill in all those blank spaces and make new discoveries...

What my clients say...

Pamela Krug, USA

"Leanné does a amazing job uncovering hard to find facts. She is smart, efficient and I am continuing to utilize her knowledge to uncover all sorts of interesting facts about our family. I couldn´t recommend her more."

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