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Family Tree Search 

10-30 UF
(Max 4
 generations, researching only main members)

With Family Tree Research, you can research ONE or TWO family lines that include all grandparents. Each project has a specific research goal to meet, such as discovering the occupations of family members or tracing the origins of ancestors to specific towns, villages, or countries.

Example project - Dutch family

Research goal was to investigate origins for the family´s main members.Family Tree members count was 187 people (6 generations).

Once we completed the family tree research, we provided them with a digital research presentation in PDF format that contained all the information we discovered, including a GEDCOM file. Although a physical book was an option, they only desired a digital version.

Arhives used in this research

To fully conduct research on this family, we had to utilize diverse archives to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their movements throughout the years.

Dutch Civil registration certificates, Church books (All), Netherlands, Death Index, 1795-1970, "" Birth Index, 1784-1921, "" Civil Marriage Index, 1795-1950, VOC Sea Voyagers, Army Service Records, 1807-1929, Netherlands, Census and Population Registers, 1645-1940, Institutional registers (All), Netherlands, Population Registers Index, 1720-1944, Netherlands, Baptism Index, 1557-1902, Netherlands Immigration & Emigration.

Example project - French-Chilean family

This Chilean family already had French nationality and was curios to see what we could find regarding their ancestor´s arrival to Chile.

Arhives used in this research

National Archives of France (Archives nationales): This is the main repository for historical records in France. It holds a wide range of documents, including civil and parish registers, census records, military records, and notarial records.
Departmental Archives (Archives départementales): Each department in France has its own archives, which house local records such as birth, marriage, and death records, land and property records, and other historical documents.
Genealogy Societies of Chile and France as well the National Archives of Chile (Archivos Nacionales de Chile) and Parish Registers.

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