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Old Map of Santiago, Chile 1600´s

Hourly Research

2.5 UF p/Hour

Are you in need of quickly searching for specific information about a family member?

Or perhaps you already have a family tree you would like to see what other information we can uncover beyond what you already have, then our per hour research service is an great and quick option.

Here are a few examples of projects we've completed for clients:

Prepare for a visit to ancestors´s town of origin in the United States

This client was going to travel to the towns and villages where his ancestors lived.

We traced back his family for 7 generations to the 1700´s, the customer wanted to visit old addresses, cemetries etc...

Assist in creating a family book
The client wanted to surprise her grandmother with a book about their ancestors - Christmas gift.

The father was born in Chile, but great grandparents in France. They already had French nationality but wanted to see what documents we could find, from their arrival to South America and family´s history in France.

Continued research

Clients who wanted more research done and trace their ancestors back even further.

Marriage certificate, Dated 1891, South Africa
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