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Ancestral insights from US census pages

Before 1880 information gathered in census years were very limited and only few data points were gathered. But US Census records dating back to 1880 can provide valuable information for reconstructing your family history, as well as offering insights into the daily lives of your ancestors.

Each column of the census record, see below an example, displays key details such as:

  1. Personal Information: Name of each family member, their relationship to the household head, personal descriptoin such as gender, race, color of eyes, date og birth

  2. Mother: How many children she had, number of living children

  3. Nativity: Place of birth, Place of birth of father & mother

  4. Citizenship: Year of immigration, years in USA, naturalization (number of years)

  5. Occupation: Occupation type, employment status

  6. Education: attenbded school?, can read?, can write?

  7. Ownership of home: owned/rented?, owned from mortgaged, number of farm machines


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