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Understanding the difference between II and Jr

If you've ever wondered about the difference between Jr and II after someone's name, you may be surprised to learn that these suffixes are actually quite different.

While both indicate a person is named after someone else, Jr is commonly used when a child is named directly after his father while II is used when a child is named after an earlier male relative.

The use of these suffixes has some unofficial rules. For example, calling a man Sr should only be done after he has passed, and only when his Jr offspring has married.

When it comes to the II suffix, it is traditionally used when naming a child (usually a boy) after a male family member other than the father.

While these are old-fashioned rules, they originated out of necessity in previous times to distinguish people from one another when there was not as much of a variety of different names used as there is today.

These days, you are free to name a child however you wish, but if you want to follow custom and family tradition, you should consider using Jr or II.


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