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What is this new "Ley de Memoria Democrática" of Spain?

The new law "Ley de memoria democrática" from Spain came in to effect on October 21st in 2022 (valid for 2 years) and its a new temporary law that allows people previoulsy not considered Spanish to now apply for their Spanish nationality.

See below a list of conditions under which you can now apply for your Spanish Nationality as a foreigner living in Spin or abroad:

Annex I (a): born outside of Spain to a father, mother, grandfather or grandmother, who originally would have been Spanish.

Annex I(b) - born outside of spain to a father, mother, grandfather or grandmother, who originally had been spanish, and who, as a consequence of having suffered in exile for political, ideological reasons or belief or sexual orientation and identity they have lost or renounced their Spanish nationality.

Annex ii. Born outside of V son of a spanish woman who lost her nationality because of marriing a foreigner before the entry into force of the 1978 constitution.

Annex iii: child of age of Spanish national whose nationality of origin was recognized by virtue of the right of option in accordance with the provisions of this law (law 20/2022) or in the memory law historical (law 52/2007).

Annex iv: child of a father or mother originally spanish and born in Spain , who opted for Spanish nationality not of origin by virtue of article 20.1.B) of the civil code. Or underage child of whom acquired Spanish nationality by application of the historical memory law, and opted for spanish nationality not of origin by virtue of the exercise of the right of option provided for in article 20.1.A) of the civil code for being under the parental authority of a Spanish.


There are a lot of documents that you have to submit for these aplications and your applications can be rejected if you do not include all the required documents.

Contact me if you think that you and your family are eligible for the Spanish nationality so that we can find those documents required that will help you submit a succesfull application.

This law is valid for 2 years till 2024 so reach out to me for a consulation call via zoom to see if you qualify and what documents you will need to submit.


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