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What you need to research your family

Want to research your family tree? Or maybe apply for a 2nd nationality but need more research and obtain original documents?

I have helped families all over the world, its a fun experience and a beautiful gift for any family member.

What information will be required to start an ancesteral research?

In order to build a family tree we will require the following to start off with...

Your personal information: Full name, Surname, Date of birth and Place of birth (city, state/province, country)... And if you have kids, send me their details too...

Other family members´s information (Your parents, grand parents, great-grand parents, great-great grand parents etc.):

Full name, Surname, Date of birth and passing, Place of birth and death (town/city, state/province, country). Download the pdf here below and complete it as applicable...

** Send as much info as possible. Any stories etc will help in understaning your family´s origin...

And if you dont have all the info, then it is ok, we will discuss this as we start

Download PDF • 42KB



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